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BLESSING Green participated in the fair of MEXICO

BLESSING Green , a company focusing on smart pet products since 2016, has achieved global success with their products being sold in 42 countries. In order to promote their smart pet products, they participated in the CHINA(MEXICO) TRADE FAIR from December 5th to 7th, 2023. This trade fair is the largest exhibition for Chinese manufacturers in Mexico.

BLESSING Green participated in the fair of MEXICO 1


During the exhibition, BLESSING Green TEAM showcased the intelligent cat litter box, water dispenser, automatic feeder, and smart pet toys, attracting the attention of numerous Mexican pet product merchants and pet owners.

One of the highlights of their exhibition was the smart cat litter box. This technologically advanced product ensures cleanliness and convenience for both pets and owners. With its self-cleaning mechanism and odor control system, pet owners no longer need to worry about the unpleasant task of cleaning the litter box.

BLESSING Green participated in the fair of MEXICO 2


The water dispenser and automatic feeder also received great feedback, as they provide a hassle-free way to maintain the well-being of pets even when owners are not around.

The smart pet toys displayed at the exhibition were another crowd-pleaser. These toys are designed to engage and entertain pets, promoting physical activity and mental stimulation. Through interactive features, such as remote control and automatic modes, pet owners can easily keep their furry friends entertained and prevent boredom.

With their successful participation in the trade fair, BLESSING Green TEAM is set to make an even greater impact on the well-being and happiness of pets and their owners.Their focus on quality, functionality, and customer satisfaction has gained the trust and loyalty of pet owners worldwide.


BLESSING Green participated in the fair of MEXICO 3

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