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Our Advantage
We are determined to innovate, and always adhere to independent research and development, independent manufacturing, our products are well received, strict quality, excellent customer service and competitive price.
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We have complete production line and testing equipment
4 (2)
We have our own team to research, design, produce and sell.
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Multiple product certificates e.g. CE, FCC, EMC, and so on. standard, stable,reliable
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Our products compare favorably with other traders.
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We are a company combined with R&D, production and sales wholly.
Bessing Future = Smart and Green
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Professional Production Technology

● Our product is not only a commodity, but also a way of life. Our service is not only a kind of service, but also a kind of care. Leave production to us and leave time to your market. We will customize the products you need in the shortest time and give them to you with the highest quality requirements.
Communicate specific requirements to customers
Let us know more quickly what you want and what we can do to answer your questions about customization.
Confirmation voucher
Check product production information,including logo size,location and color,Our staff will check the product information with you and start the production after confirming the bill making,Be sure to check it carefully to avoid mistakes in the later production process.
Bulk production
Small batch customization, MOQ depends on which products you choose. The production cycle is about 30 days(depends on different products). Workshop systematic management, reglonal planning, clear division of labor, production information strictly confidential, can be trusted to our production.
After-sales service and payment methods

BLESSING GREEN is always ready to serve you with meticulous care.


If there are quality problems during shelf life, please contact us,  our after-sales service team is always ready to serve you and always provide you with meticulous care. We do not do a one-off business, but to seek long-term cooperation, achieve a win-win situation.Our goal is to let every customer who chooses us enjoy the best quality products and services. 


We can accpet payment via paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, T/T, L/C; Sample order lead time is in 7-10 days, Mass quantity order lead time is 25-30 days; We can provide you professional technical support.

Product processing process

With this realization, we became inspired to think outside the box and explore new ways to connect pets and people in a modern, meaningful way with current technology.

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Production equipment
We are determined to innovate, and always adhere to independent research and development, independent manufacturing, our products are well received, strict quality, excellent customer service and competitive price.The premise of our rapid development.
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Provide OEM and ODM services
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look forward to building business with you cooperation with you.
Merchants joining

Together to achieve the dream, investment to join, create brilliant!

Are you looking for a full of business opportunities, with strong development potential of the brand? Do you want to have their own business, to achieve personal values and dreams? Here, we recommend you an exciting investment opportunities to join - join our family, together to create a brilliant future!

Brand strength

Our brand has a very high visibility and reputation in the market, with unique product features and innovative business philosophy, won the majority of consumers love and trust. Join us, you will have the opportunity to share the halo effect of the brand, easy access to customer trust and support.

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Join process
Merchants joining, preferred us! Adhering to the concept of integrity, and your common development, create a better future. Immediate action, join us in this dynamic and opportunities for the family, open your entrepreneurial journey!

1. Submit an application: Please contact us by email, tell us your willingness to join!

2. Audit: We will review your application and communication, to understand your specific situation and willingness to cooperate.

3. Sign a contract: After the audit, we will sign a franchise contract with you, officially become a partner.

4. Preparation for opening: we will provide you with a detailed business planning programme to help you open smoothly.

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Just leave your email or phone number in the contact form so we can send you a free quote for our wide range of designs!
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