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Introduction to BDD Ozone Water Technology

Introduction to BDD Ozone Water Technology 1

What is BDD Ozone Water Technology? 


BDD Ozone Water Technology is an advanced sterilization and disinfection technique that utilizes ozone gas dissolved in water to efficiently eradicate microorganisms in water and air. The BDD (Boron Doped Diamond) technology is based on the electrochemical process of boron-doped diamond electrodes, which generates highly oxidative ozone gas. Once ozone gas is introduced into water, it rapidly decomposes into ozone water, possessing strong oxidation capabilities, effectively eliminating bacteria, viruses, fungal spores, and other microorganisms in water.

Introduction to BDD Ozone Water Technology 2

Advantages of BDD Ozone Water Technology

1. **Efficient Sterilization and Disinfection**:

Ozone water has higher sterilization ability compared to chlorine, rapidly and thoroughly eliminating pathogenic microorganisms in water such as E. coli, Salmonella, etc.


2. **Chemical Residue-Free**:

BDD Ozone Water Technology does not require the addition of chemical disinfectants, leaving no chemical residues after treatment, thus posing no risk of secondary pollution to water quality.


3. **Environmentally Friendly and Safe**:

Ozone is a strong oxidant that decomposes into oxygen after use, posing no environmental pollution. Under correct usage conditions, ozone water is harmless to humans, non-toxic, and odorless.


4. **Wide Applications**:

BDD Ozone Water Technology has broad prospects in various fields such as food processing, drinking water treatment, swimming pool water treatment, etc., effectively enhancing water quality safety and production efficiency.

Introduction to BDD Ozone Water Technology 3 

Application of BDD Ozone Water Technology in the Pet Supplies Industry

The pet supplies industry imposes strict requirements on product hygiene and safety. BDD Ozone Water Technology can provide efficient sterilization and disinfection solutions, ensuring the hygiene of pet supplies such as water tanks, feeding utensils, etc. Moreover, this technology does not harm pets themselves, being safe and reliable, serving as an important technical support to enhance the quality of pet life.



As an efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly sterilization and disinfection technology, BDD Ozone Water Technology is gradually being widely applied in various industries, including the pet supplies industry. It provides a reliable solution to improve product quality and ensure pet health, serving as an important technical means for future pet supplies hygiene management.


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